Organic Cupcake Company

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Organic Cupcake Company
Organic Cupcake Company

Word is out. Londonist loves cupcakes. We’re pretty partial to organic food too (as much for the ethical implications as that organic food seems to generally tastes better). Sooo … when the Organic Cupcake Company contacted us with a “Would you like to sample our cupcakes?” email we giddily got back to ‘em with “Yes please!” and, now after sampling a few of their tasty morsel we wouldn’t be against sampling a little more.

OCC’s cupcakes induce feelings of splendiferous taste bud contentment, especially the chocolaty chocolate ones with their chocolaty chocolate bits lovingly embedded within the cake. Of course, there’s a whole range of flavours baked by these Organic Cupcake folk, including “bespoke cupcakes for corporate or private clients.” And yes, they deliver.

We weren’t provided with any details about prices (and can’t seem to find any on their site), but we’re pretty sure price would reflect realistic cost expectations. Best contact them for info. We’re happy to recommend the Organic Cupcake Company’s quality organic cupcakes, based upon the flavour, texture and overall high yum factor of the samples we received. Tempted? Check out OCC’s cupcake gallery.

Photography by Chris Osburn

Last Updated 28 October 2008


That YouTube clip was wonderful!
I'm sure the cakes are good too.


Thanks Sally. Yep, the cupcakes are just as good if not better!


Two words: Christmas Cupcakes!!


Three: Organic Christmas Cupcakes