One Meeeeelion Pound Banknote Auctioned

Dean Nicholas
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One Meeeeelion Pound Banknote Auctioned

Pound coinsA £1m banknote, one of only two in existence and dating from the post-war Marshall Aid Plan, was today auctioned for a sum considerably less than its face value: £78,000. It's no bargain for the buyer, though - the note, numbered 000008, was cancelled two months after being issued in 1948. The original run of nine was produced as mementos to the British and American Treasury Secretaries, and the other remaining note, number 000007, sold privately in 1977. Printing big denomination notes sounds a little reckless to us - we're betting that a devious supervillian, complete with pint-sized sidekick, is planning to swipe the cash and threaten the world with his evil ways.

Last Updated 01 October 2008


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