Nobody Wants These DVDs

By Lindsey Last edited 123 months ago
Nobody Wants These DVDs

Have we been giving you too many chances to win things of late? Seems no one - NOT A ONE OF YOU - was interested in getting a free copy of a 2 year old comedy DVD, even though it would be free, delivered to your door and make you look like you were interested in human rights as well as laughing. All you had to do was fill in a form and make a Fearne Cotton gag. Fidelius, brave commenter, we salute you.

Well, we can't be stuck with these things. They must be had. Surely you can find a use for them? Christmas presents for people you don't like very much? Tombola prizes? Look, they're worth £12 on Amazon.

First 6 people to email with their name and postal address get them. On your marks, get set.... COME ON, THEY'RE FREE!

Last Updated 02 October 2008