Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • Be careful who you bump into: uninsured drivers are on the rise in London.
  • A new memorial plaque honouring service men and women has been unveiled by Princess Anne in Westminster Abbey.
  • That third runway is starting to look doubtful.
  • Fried chicken: is it the greatest evil facing children today? Discuss. Well that’s what a London conference is doing this week.
  • London paramedics are being trained in Second Life. Can’t work out if this is scary or a stroke of genius.
  • The NatWest Three are expected to be allowed to complete their terms at Wandsworth.
  • A scheme has been launched to try to stem the numbers of students dropping out of uni. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a drop-out, said Londonist sniffily.
  • October snow from Andy Wilkes' Londonist flickr stream.

    Last Updated 29 October 2008