The Saturday Strangeness

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The Saturday Strangeness
Baker Street

72. A Gaggle Of Ghosts: Part Two

More from London's haunted side, as the shadow of All Hallow's Eve lurks on the horizon like some rustic menace.

Baker Street – famous for its Sherlock Holmes connections, a fine detective who would no doubt have found the many hauntings of this famous street a fine mystery indeed. For Baker Street has long been considered the capital's most haunted street, harbouring a true gaggle of phantoms, spooks and spectres to chill the bones on a dark night...

The old Kenwood House Hotel has a variety of ghosts to speak of, the most unusual being a piece of furniture said to have drawers which open and shut of their own accord. Researchers have claimed in the past that the mirrored window of the fine piece is indeed possessed by a poltergeist of sorts. Eerie indeed. The hotel is also haunted by a gent who resembles a Cavalier.

A ghostly figure is said to loiter in The Volunteer Pub and its darkest corners. It is said to belong to the Nevill family who owned the house which once perched on the same land which the pub now sits but in 1654 the structure was burned to the ground. Rupert Nevill is said to haunt the cellar.

Other ghosts of the street are fleeting, one being actress Sarah Siddons who lurks in the electrical substation at 228 Baker Street where her house once stood.

Why such spirits remain here has never been fully explained. Maybe some phantoms return here after death to continue an existence of sorts in a place they once loved, or, are such ghosts trapped, in a limbo, forever to walk a void between the real and ethereal?

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