London On The Cheap

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Last Updated 15 September 2008

London On The Cheap

Augh, it's mid-September already?? Seriously, where did this summer go? Depending on what stage of life you are in, it's either back to school time (shopping! huzzah!), 9-5 work as usual time, or dentures and Ovaltine time. Either way, here are some clever and cheap ways to make the most of the transition from summer to autumn, no matter where you spend those daytime hours.

Monday: Art galleries are always free, and we have two options for you on this lovely Monday evening. Romance is Dead! Long Live Romance! is a solo show by Isabelle Graeff at the Trolley Gallery, a John Currin-like portrayal of the storied exploitation of the female form as she melds pornography and the Romantic and French Rococo styles. Then there's The Girls, an exhibit at the Beverly Knowles Gallery that includes a comedic photostory of the Cinderella slipper and a photograph of a naked woman being blessed with pastries by a vicar. Edit: Beverly Knowles Gallery is closed on Mondays, our mistake! Exhibit open through 1 November. Tuesday: Let's say you live south of the river and are feeling less than inclined to eat takeaway curry and sit in front of Ugly Betty for the second night in a row. Instead, let's say you indulge in a strong pint or three and some traditional Scottish acoustic music at the melodiously-named Hootananny pub in Brixton. Free. Wednesday: If you're feeling slightly psychotic, or maybe if you just over-indulged this weekend, jog over to the Scoop this morning before work to enjoy — er, no, that can't be it — endure, rather, a free fitness course, appropriately titled 'Body Attack'. Find out more here. 7.30-8.30 am, free. Thursday: Do you know what a MacGuffin is? No? Neither did we, until we read about Somerset House's latest Wouldn't It Be Nice... initiative, a three-month long series of talks, exhibits, and performances in contemporary art and design. Apparently it's a cinematic device that sets and keeps a film's plot in motion. Through 5 October, Somerset's Embankment Galleries play host to a MacGuffin library based on fictional film plots, by artists Onkar Kular and Noam Toran (a pair that have previously worked together on film libraries, such as the comically macabre Borges-ian romp through cinematic deaths entitled 'The Impossible Library', a spliced collection of the major dying moments in cinematic history, culled from 150 films). Concession tickets to this Somerset exhibition are just £6, slightly steeper £8 otherwise. Friday: 'The heartwarming story of a boy who didn’t know it’s wrong to steal. Running off with the pig seemed like a good idea at the time.' The Tate Modern showcases tonight experimental filmmaker Ken Jacobs riffing on...himself. A contemporary, updated version of his film uses new technology to Return to the Scene of the Crime, probing and reconstituting an antique 1905 film with updated digital effects. If the warning for those who suffer from epilepsy can serve as a guide, this looks to be a visual stunner. 7pm, £5, £4 concessions. Saturday: East(End) meets West today in a YinYang art/design mash-up sponsored by Tiger Beer. TigerTranslate is a free art event meant to nurture collaboration between Asian creatives and the West, albeit in an EastEnd carpark. First 50 people to pre-register here wins a free bottle of Tiger beer. Now that's what we call collaboration. 8pm-2am, Hearn Street Car Park, Shoreditch. Sunday: It's Open House Weekend in London, which means that you get an all-access pass to those hallowed halls normally inaccessible to the peons. In the city's largest architectural showcase, 700 buildings, walks, and talks are on offer to the public. Admission is completely free for all events in an altruistic bid to get Londoners better acquainted with the design of the city we call home. Booking ahead is essential, so take a look at the programme online ahead of time. Warning: inevitable disappointment awaits if you search for the Gherkin in the programme round-up, as 30 St Mary Axe will not be participating in the Open House Weekend. Boooo. Or, you could stay in eat takeaway curry in front of noxious American television shows. We often wonder why or how some of them get over here. coughOneTreeHillcough.

A sweet image of blessing from The Girls exhibition at the Beverly Knowles Gallery, from their website.