It’s Bloomin’ Autumn Already

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It’s Bloomin’ Autumn Already

The RHS are busy bees – bet you didn’t know that they have up to seven flower shows a year in London alone.

Well, there’s one on right now: unusually this one is not at the Royal Horticultural Halls but has rather gone back to its, um, roots at Inner Temple. Inner Temple is one of those bits of hidden London that you could blink and miss, but it’s not only got real pretty grounds, but also harbours the Da Vinci Code church. So you can do some sightseeing while you’re coming over all botanical.

Even if you’re as routinely brown-fingered as Londonist, and tend to call all strange shrubs lobelias, you have to admit that there is something awfully soothing about flower shows: along with cricket matches, watching repeats of Doctor Who, and wet Bank Holiday Mondays, they give you that ‘everything-matters-but-nothing-matters-frightfully’ kind of sensation. There is some erudite stuff and some historical stuff to be seen – we are talking Royal Horticultural Society after all – but if you want to spend the afternoon just admiring the pretty flowers, we don’t suppose anyone’ll notice.

Shame ‘tho that they can’t transport Croydon’s new favourite tree to the show: we’d love to see what the venerable horticulturalists make of that.

The show is open from 10am ‘til 5pm tomorrow: best go later in the day as they sell off all the plants at 4.30pm. You can pre-book tickets (£7.00) here.

Inner Temple from oh_simone's flickr stream under the Creative Commons Licence.

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