Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • Murdoch’s decided to keep Fortress Wapping and move all his interests in together under one roof.
  • Good old London Zoo has managed to shoot some rare footage of the okapi, a sweet, timid little deer thing that lives in deepest Africa.
  • Well this is a hoot: Anglo-Ukrainian relations weren’t exactly helped today when two Ukrainian footballers offered some London travel tips – Tottenham 'is prone to crime because of dark-skinned people' and 'avoid Croydon because it’s full of poor people'.
  • Soon you will no longer be able to hide underground – mobile networks are going subterranean.
  • Good egg with a bad temper? Naomi knuckles down to work in an East End soup kitchen.
  • A woman has been found drowned in a sewage tank in South London.
  • A new free outdoor sports centre has opened in East London: the ‘adiZone’ is the first of five planned in and around the 2012 boroughs.
  • LU japes from pit van meeffe’s Londonist flickr stream.

    Last Updated 11 September 2008