Airlines Cashing In On Channel Tunnel Closure?

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 118 months ago
Airlines Cashing In On Channel Tunnel Closure?

British Airways tailfinThose considering flying to France to avoid the ongoing chaos caused by Thursday's Channel Tunnel fire may wish to think again: major operators including British Airways and Air France have been accused of cashing in by charging £600 for flights between London and Paris. Though BA protest this is the standard price for a late booking in business class, and claim they have increased capacity by running larger aircraft, a French passenger group accused them of "acting like highwaymen". Both sides have a point: while the air industry is a hard-nosed business, it's a shame they couldn't relax the rules just this once. They could certainly do with the good PR.

Last Updated 16 September 2008


Agreed about the good PR - and honestly they were going to see a spike in revenue regardless due to the stranded travellers so it would have been nice to seem them take the windfall where it came and not attempt to milk it for all it was worth.