Londonist Reviews: Covent Garden Night Market

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Londonist Reviews: Covent Garden Night Market
Covent Garden Night Market

Yep, Covent Garden’s Night Market is on for every Thursday (4pm-10pm) and Friday (12pm-9:00pm) this month (so, ya got this week and next to check it out). Londonist made it over there on Friday, and we were actually impressed by the range of yummy goodies available for purchase.

Many of the usual suspects of London’s food market scene were on hand for the market – and we were glad to see more than a few of ‘em there. We happily queued up for a bratwurst from the German Deli as well as for some take home chutneys and pickles from Café Spice Namaste. Foodie favourites such as Gujarati Rasoi, with its phenomenal vegetarian Indian treats, British cheesemongerin’ Neal’s Yard, and a whole heap of other quality food vendors to make everybody’s tum-tum gleeful.

In addition to the actual market, a series of "Kitchen Theatres" take place every Friday at 7pm on the west end of Covent Garden. This past Friday the Hairy Bikers entertained and cooked for lots of spectators. This Friday’s celebrity chef is Willie Harcourt-Cooze, “the modern day Willie Wonka, famed for his 100% pure Venezuelan Black chocolate” and the 29th will see St John head chef, Fergus Henderson, sharing from his famous book, “Nose to Tail Eating”.

You can read a whole lot more about last Friday in a recent post on the Trusted Places blog. Enjoy!

Photography by Chris Osburn

Last Updated 18 August 2008


Sounds jolly good, but....
Why are the management changing a formula which has worked well for so many years and apprently forcing out stall-holders who have been trading there for such a long time?
And - I don't think it will work.
No-one goes into central London at night to buy food: you don't want to go out to dinner/clubbing/the theatre clutching half a pound of smelly cheese and a French stick.
Tourists will come to take pictures of it without buying anything, the stall holders will get fed up with not taking any money, and the thing will fold.
Just my opinion, like.


There were plenty of folks (tourists, workers heading home, people on dates, etc) buying all sorts of food and many of the vendors were making money seemingly hand over fist when I paid my visitt. I actually took home some smelly cheese as well as some delicious figs. Really, there were tons of people queuing up all over the place. Many people walking around gnawing on cakes, risotto, burgers, paella ...

That's a bummer about these stall-holders in the BBC video, but if its true that the new management is going for more British goods and crafts to be sold, it might turn out to be a good thing. I've rambled through Covent Garden a few times, and honestly, there were lots of so-so items for sell and rubbish souvenirs. I don't want to see anybody lose his/her livelihood, but it would be cool to see such a focal point of London feature some outstanding British-made goods.

Either way, the night market was in addition to the regualar stalls and seemed to make locals and visitors happy with the variety of food choices available.