The 8.02 To Waterloo

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The 8.02 To Waterloo

Is officially the most crowded train in London. Well, the most crowded train in London that's been measured by the Department for Transport. Well done, that man, for counting heads at Surbiton when all those poor, rammed together, suburban commuters just wanted to get the hell to work. The 8 carriage train had 318 more people than seats. That's precision statistics, there. But we'd like to challenge the 8.02 South West Trains service with London Overground's Westbound 8.35 service from Canonbury which boasts a mere 3 carriages and the entire population of Hackney thereon (where are those new trains?) Are you more sardinated than that? Place your cattle commute bids here.

Last Updated 28 August 2008


This reader has on occasion of over-sleeping had to get on that very train a few stops earlier at Homerton (where it's the 8:28), and even there has had trouble fitting on unless standing by the door.

Phil Whitehouse

The Waterloo and City line in rush hour is the busiest train in London, no contest. Everyone who gets on has to get off at the next and only stop, so there's no need to leave room for manoeuvre. Pack 'em in!


Bad news - those new trains are going to be the same size and just as infrequent (until 2011)

They will be more shiney, and hopefully for a short while not smell like a rotting cat...


Not as bad as some overground trains I know, but the Northern Line between London Bridge and Bank is unbelievable!

C'mon City boys, you can walk over the bridge without having to squeeze into a steel cylinder. The fresh air, sun (?) and short walk will help you appreciate that first glass of Bollinger all the more...


*The 8 carriage train had 318 more people than seats*

That equates to about 40 people standing per carriage. I've never counted, but it always feels a lot more than that when I've had to travel on that service. I'd say more like 60.