Sexy MFs Not Found In Haringey

Dean Nicholas
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Sexy MFs Not Found In Haringey

If it's the summer silly season, then it must be time for some nonsensical surveys that cost a lot and deliver little. Ah, here's one: Haringey-ites are fuming about a report that has ranked borough residents the fugliest folk in all of London-town.

This vitally important study, commissioned by pioneering psychologists at the University of Westminster, revealed that in beauty terms the borough's men rank 26th out of 33, while the women fare little better in 21st place. It's of little surprise that surprised to learn that less impecunious boroughs like Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea topped the table.

One of the boffins behind this report said: "Women and men from more affluent boroughs were perceived as being more physically attractive than individuals from less affluent boroughs.". So what he's basically saying is - the actual physical properties of a person matter little, as horniness is related to the perception of wealth. Thus rendering the survey slightly pointless, really.

Haringey resident Krystal Karmody, a Miss London beauty pageant finalist, lambasted the news, saying of her borough's boys that they are "real men rather than salon men". She's clearly never seen the primping and preening that the fashion folk down Crouch End way get up to on a Saturday morning.

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Last Updated 08 August 2008