Repertory Film Round-up

Dean Nicholas
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Repertory Film Round-up

The Olympics have been put to bed and there's nothing but bilge on the box. Time to extract yourself from the sofa and skulk down the local uniplex to see what's shaking, where this week the delights include a pair of triple-bills - including probably the finest sequel in movie history - and some choice cuts at a free festival.

Wednesday: Tonight, the Roxy continues its Beefeater London Movie Season. It's pretty simple: £3 cover charge, a classic Brit-flick, and 2 for 1 Beefeater drinks all night. Heck, combine this with Londonist's very own Film Club, and you've got the capital's cinematic output sorted. Anyhow, tonight they're bringing us Alfie - not the execrable Jude Law blunder, thankfully, but Michael Caine's legendary Sixties version. The film kicks off at 8pm.

Thursday: We mentioned this earlier in the week during our round up of all things cheapo, but it's worth another plug: the Frijj Film Festival crams 26 flicks into 25 screens over six weeks, and runs every Thursday until mid-September. Best bit? They're free, though tickets are limited so hot-click it to the website and see if any are still available. Tonight you can choose from Goodfellas, The Matrix, Sin City, Predator, The Godfather, Gladiator or Kill Bill Vol. 1. The films start at various times between 7.45 and 8.30, check the site.

Friday: For this film fan, it's reissue of the year, hands down. Terrence Malick's Badlands makes a welcome return to the cinema. The pell-mell story of indolence in Fifties America stars an impossibly young Sissy Spacek and Martin Sheen at the height of his insouciant powers, as a wayward couple whose aimless killing spree and apparent lack of remorse tugs at the seams of the American dream. The film begins Friday and runs until 11th September. Not to be missed.

Sunday: Didn't catch The Godfather earlier in the week? It matters not. Bin that unwatched Sopranos DVD box set and head Hammersmith way to see how it's really done, for Riverside Studios have done the decent thing and dedicated the entire day to Francis Ford Coppola's magnificent series of films. Part I begins at 12.45, while Part II runs at 4.00pm. You can stop there (and you're advised to do just that), but for masochists and those whose glutes can take the strain, the much-maligned Part III rounds off the day at 8pm. A ticket to the lot costs just £7.50, or £6.50 for concessions.

If a less cerebral triple-bill is what you're after, then BFI Southbank is serving up three slices of the Spiderman franchise, from 3.10pm, as part of its Comic Book Movies season.

Last Updated 27 August 2008