Pest Of A Salesman

Dean Nicholas
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Pest Of A Salesman
No cold calling sign

Times are hard and cash is tight - so perhaps we can soften our hearts to the plight of the door to door salesman. Maligned at the best of times, these Willy Lomans nevertheless wear a winning smile and a cheeky wink as they try and get ordinary folk to part with hard-earned cash for any number of useless gewgaws.

It seems that financial woes are forcing some to go the extra mile. A double glazing salesman was so determined to seal the deal with a couple in Worcester Park that the flummoxed homeowners were forced to call the police in order to get rid of him.

Having accepted a visit from the unnamed man, who claimed to work for Weatherseal, via a cold call, the couple soon tired of his sales patter, which involved signing them up for a £31,000 double glazing package. Yet when attempts to defenestrate him via the usual, cloyingly English methods of polite refusal failed to work, the couple were forced to call 999. They handed the phone over to the salesperson, whereupon the police at the other end of the line ordered him to leave, which he reluctantly did.

An unpleasant experience for the family, to be sure, yet we've got it in our head that Gil Gunderson from The Simpsons was the sad-sack salesman involved. Someone's gotta throw ol' Gil a bone, please!

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Last Updated 14 August 2008