'Oldest Marathon Runner' Story Goes On Forever

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'Oldest Marathon Runner' Story Goes On Forever

As reported here back in April, Buster Martin famously ran this year's London Marathon at an apparently grand age of 101.

This week, the controversy was reignited as William Hill refused to hand over £13,000 in alleged winnings, on the basis that they have still not seen a birth certificate to prove Buster's claim to be 101. Epping resident Buster, originally born in France, still hasn't been able to supply one.

We now recognise some dodgy points about his story (Buster doesn't sound a particularly French name to us; he doesn't look like he's a centegenarian, and he's still working as a van-washer three days a week despite his advanced age), but what annoys us is that the issue has still not been sorted out - four months after Buster passed the finish line.

This 'Saga' (arf) is now getting ugly. Legal challenges are flying, charities that would have received the winnings are distressed, and the French Embassy have been really quite narky. We wonder whether William Hill's legal strategy here is to drag the case out until Buster karks it? Just a thought. Four months in and it hasn't worked yet.

London Marathon Pic from GISuser.com's Flickrstream

Last Updated 15 August 2008