Marketing the Ego

By SallyB2 Last edited 117 months ago
Marketing the Ego

It would seem that a clutch of time-rich, very clever people (including no less than Alain de Botton) have opened an agency in Bloomsbury to flaunt their cleverness in front of time-poor, less clever people. The idea behind the School of Life is to help those who cannot immediately cross reference a dozen or so writers and thinkers, whose dinner party conversation has all the depth of an audience with Katie Price, and whose wit and wisdom is accumulated from listening to Terry Wogan. Which makes the founders a bunch of patronising so and sos in our book. As a merchandising and packaging exercise, this is a masterpiece; as entertainment – hey, we’re tempted; but as a viable way of enriching the ‘proles’, it sucks.

Last Updated 04 August 2008


Hey, excuse me, the School of Life isn't even open and already you feel able to judge it, and know exactly what it is. Please could you hold off and give people a chance to do something good in the world - instead of cynically casting doubts from the earliest opportunity. It's people like you who make one want to despair, such is your judgemental and cynical tone. If any readers want information about The School of Life, please contact me, Alain de Botton, personally at:
In the meantime, please refrain from judgement.