Innocent Bystander the 22nd Teen Violently Killed This Year

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Innocent Bystander the 22nd Teen Violently Killed This Year

Last night was another in a series of fatal instances of being in the wrong place at the wrong time as London struggles with its youth crime. 18-year old Ryan Bravo was shopping in Costcutter with two family members last night when several men on mopeds opened fire from the street outside. Bravo entered the store on Camberwell Road in Walworth at the same time as three other men ran in, laughing and talking loudly. A hail of bullets were fired from the mopeds just outside the door, apparently intended for the rival gang members who had entered on Bravo's heels.

Detective Superintendent Gary Richardson from Operation Trident investigated the incident today and confirmed that Bravo was just an innocent bystander, explaining that "There was no reason for them to have wanted to kill the victim. He was a good kid and was definitely not involved in gangs. It is absolutely tragic for him to get caught up in something that is nothing to do with him."

A 19-year old has since been arrested in connection with the shooting. Bravo is the 22nd teenager to die this year as a result of a shooting or stabbing incident.

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This is getting totally out of hand now - as a teenager living in London, these events are starting to get scary.

I mean, this is only twenty minutes from where I live, in an area of the city that I'm around not infrequently.


I was standing in the bakers the other day listening to a bunch of 13 year olds: one of them had been stabbed three weeks before(we were treated to a glimpse of the stitches), and they were talking to him in hushed and reverent tones.
Now that was very, very scary.