Good Judge of Characters

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Good Judge of Characters

Tickled is what we are today. Gleeful even. Let us explain. To the Old Bailey, where one Judge Paget has taken it upon himself to set something in motion. Something which Londonist feels might grow to be rather big. Which might even indicate the beginning of the end for sub-standard English.

The good judge lashed out at a prosecution case worker in Wood Green (whence the case had been transferred) for his grievous spelling of greivous (sic). To use his own words:

'It's quite disgraceful. This is supposed to be a centre of excellence. To have an indictment drawn up by some illiterate idiot is not good enough.'

The Spelling Society agree that correct spelling in the legal sphere is pretty much essential (although worryingly they imply that grievous is a hard word to spell).

Hoorah for the judge, we say. He is surely just saying what most of us think much of the time. It is to be hoped that other professionals follow suit. Sloppy spelling and insouciant grammar is surely the mark of a careless society. More outbursts like this, more honest comment, and surely standards will improve. Or perhaps we could go a step further with Judge Dredd style roving spell-checkers….

Last Updated 12 August 2008