Galloway Wins Damages Over Alleged Anti-Semitism

Dean Nicholas
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Galloway Wins Damages Over Alleged Anti-Semitism
George Galloway

Luscious and ludicrous he may look in a body-hugging catsuit, but get George Galloway in front of officialdom and he's the one calling the shots - just ask Capitol Hill. He's notched up another success, winning £15,000 in libel damages after a Jewish radio station implied he was anti-Semitic.

Well, we say implied, but it's a little stronger than that - in a show broadcast in November, north London-based station Jcom conjured up a character called, subtly, "Georgie Galloway" whose catchphrase was "kill the Jews". Perhaps less-than cutting satire, that, and while Galloway's opinions aren't palatable to most, having him blurt out the kind of slogan normally found creeping from the mouth of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may have been below the belt.

Ruling in favour of the Bethnal Green and Bow MP, Judge Eady also noted, tongue surprisingly not lodged in cheek, that Mr. Galloway's status as "founding member of the Respect Party" means that he is "prominent in denouncing racism and discrimination". As Unenlightend Commentary (via Harry's Place) notes, however, George's anti-discrimination has lead him to some fine friends: Hizbullah's Sheikh Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, for example, a man who himself is not shy to talk about exterminating Jews.

The radio station has since been forced to close down.

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Last Updated 07 August 2008