Croydon's Mystery Jet

Dean Nicholas
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Croydon's Mystery Jet

This could be a case for Mulder and Scully (good job too, seeing as they're currently in town). A war-time airplane, apparently crushed behind the walls of a perfume factory in Croydon, is vexing locals, who've sniffed the stagnant stench of conspiracy and cover-up. If this isn't a job for the X-Filers, we don't know what is.

The Croydon Guardian was contacted earlier in the year by two individuals who reported, in hushed tones, that they had seen the remains of an aircraft embedded in the factory wall. While the building's current occupiers, Bourjois, owned by Chanel, were willing to confirm the existence of the plane, they refused permission for the Guardian's snappers to photograph the remains. However, an eyewitness claims he visited the site in the early Nineties and was shown a recessed area behind a wallboard, where he was able to discern "an old plane with spoke wheels and solid rubber tyres". He was informed the plane was an early postal aircraft, which had crashed on the site. Other reports speak of the deceased pilot's ghostly presence haunting the factory to this day.

Despite such a fascinating mystery, Chanel won't play ball, and a spokeswoman said the company "does not wish to communicate on the topic of the buried aircraft". What have they got down there? Was the plane in fact a UFO from the distant solar systems piloted by a short, grey, oval-eyed fellow? It's like Roswell all over again - next they'll be telling us it was a weather balloon.

If the local council were smart they'd get wise to this and encourage local kids to uncover the mystery - it'll give them a break from assaulting cops.

UFO-like orbs in the Albert Hall from jonanamary's Flickrstream via the Londonist pool

Last Updated 04 August 2008