Breakfast Wednesdays: Share the Morning

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Breakfast Wednesdays: Share the Morning

Anthropologists tell us that the ritual of sharing food plays a vital role in social bonding. Londonist likes getting to know new Londoners, and loves breakfast, so if the two can reinforce one another, count us in. One ad hoc group of hungry souls have been pursuing dreams of camaraderie-on-toast for two years now, meeting on the second Wednesday morning of every month for no other reason than to break

their fast among strangers, thus rendering them less strange.

The serial breakfasters (and seldom cereal breakfasters) meet at a different humbly priced London caff every month, afterwards posting reviews and photos on the Breakfast Wednesdays blog. Scheduled between 7:30 and 9, there's little chance of time conflicts even for those with real jobs, and it's just the push some people need to make it through the middle of the week. The easygoing atmosphere is marked by a hint of shared grogginess, which serves to make conversation all the smoother as nobody can be fussed with the

formalities of introduction before 9am. As the anthropologists would say, it's all rather liminal.

The next breakfast will be this Wednesday at Café Rossi, 57 Borough High Street, a Formica palace whose friendly proprietor and full English recently won over the London Review of Breakfasts. Drop in any time between 7:30 and 9 to partake; no need to RSVP. For more details, have a look at the blog.

By Paul Cox

Photo courtesy Breakfast Wednesdays. Hey, once a month can't kill you.

Last Updated 11 August 2008