An Inspirational Mountain of Gorgeous Cheese at South Ken’s La Cave à Fromage

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An Inspirational Mountain of Gorgeous Cheese at South Ken’s La Cave à Fromage
La Cave à Fromage

Do your taste buds a favour. Take ‘em on an expedition to La Cave à Fromage at Cromwell Place near the South Ken Tube and treat ‘em to a seasonal selection of the best cheeses (not to mention a gorgeous selection of meats and wines) that you’re apt to find in London. A good time to go might be on a selected Thursday, when La Cave hosts tasting events.

And it’s not just your mouth that’ll be glad for the visit. La Cave’s “easy to reach visually” minimalist open-plan retail space will please your eyes too. It’s a lovely, modern shop (full of a mouth watering variety of cheeses from Britain and continental Europe!) with a friendly and extremely knowledgeable staff.

In fact, La Cave is such a yummiferous destination that when one of its regular customers neared completion of his Mount Everest ascent, he had one thing on his mind: sitting down at La Cave with a plate of cheese and glass of wine in front of him. Really. We saw said mountain climber’s photo and note he sent to the shop about this moment.

For our visit, we merely braved the Circle Line (perhaps a more mundane accomplishment, but a triumph nonetheless). Still, some of the tasty cheeses we sampled remain strongly in our memory. We highly recommend the Stilton matured in port and anything with truffles that the shop might have on offer.

Can’t make it over? No worries, La Cave delivers.

Photography by Chris Osburn

Last Updated 07 August 2008