Week Around the Ists

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Week Around the Ists


Photo of Cody by Dan Bergeron

  • Torontoist took a look at Regent Park, a low-income neighborhood

    whose soon-to-be-demolished buildings are


    graced with huge wheatpastes of the area's displaced residents


    (On that note, they also


    to find a legal middle ground for street art


  • Phillyist curated their first art exhibition, and posted pictures from its opening.
  • Gothamist was shocked when surveillance footage was released of a Brooklyn hospital's staffers repeatedly ignoring a patient—who had waited there for almost 24 hours—falling to the waiting room floor. After a nurse kicked the patient's feet, it turned out she was dead.
  • Londonist accompanied the world's oldest working steamship as she left her Docklands mooring for the first time in 17 years, heading down the Thames on the first leg of a 150 mile journey to a drydock in Suffolk, where she will receive a major maritime makeover.
  • Bostonist caught Josh Ritter among the partially nude statuary of Symphony Hall and demanded to make his mother some grandbabies. And then there was some sort of 4th of July celebration.
  • SFist was all too happy to add fuel to two fights this week: former SFist contributor Violet Blue vs. Boing Boing, and retired judge/former San Francisco Board of Supervisor Quentin L. Kopp vs. District Attorney Kamala Harris.
  • Shanghaiist researched the background of the Chinese guy who paid US$2.1million to have dinner with Warren Buffett.
  • Seattlest watched and mourned, then discussed how the city should spend the $75 million settlement nafter an end was reached in the ongoing Sonics trial, ensuring the team's 40-years in Seattle are officially over.
  • LAist found, just after this week's hands-free cell phone law went into effect, another proposed law that is making its way through the petition process: legalization of marijuana for everyone.
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