We All Squeam For Canal-Flavoured Ice Cream

Dean Nicholas
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We All Squeam For Canal-Flavoured Ice Cream
Ice Cream man

As anybody who's tripped and fallen after a pissed perambulation along its bank can tell you, the Regent's Canal doesn't have the most palatable taste. This hasn't dissuaded one mercurial bud-tickler, however, who has created an ice cream with a taste based on things found alongside the canal's murky waters.

Eschewing the flotsam of rubber boots, trolleys and countless knows how many chthonic creepies, Arthur Potts Dawson, a restaurateur from the Kings Cross area, foraged for elderflower and dandelions, and sweetened his concoction with honey sourced from a conveniently located canalside beekeeper. The resultant delicacy has proved a popular choice at his Acorn House in King's Cross, a restaurant that bills itself as London's first eco-friendly diner. If you want to try it, best act quick - it is only available for the next few days, until supplies run out.

Coming soon, possibly: the Queen's Park Quiche, in which former footballer and quietly-spoken chef Gordon Ramsey will compile the detritus of a match at QPR's Loftus Road stadium - including clods of mud, missing teeth and half-masticated steak and onion pies lobbed from the terraces - into a delightful and nutritious meal. You heard it here first! (and last).

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Last Updated 18 July 2008


I walk along the Regent's Canal every day between Camden and King's Cross. Like all canals, it doesn't smell too good sometimes, but there's a remarkable variety of plants and flowers along the route. What an imaginative idea to make ice cream from them.


chthonic creepies? nice.


That was my fave alliteration of the day. nice one DeanN.

I run along the canal most mornings and I love it. There is so much life going on there.

Needs must try Acorn House.


I went to Acorn House last year. It was okay. Oddly, though, Dawson has a sister restaurant called Water House which is actually located beside the Canal, in Haggerston. Surprising they don't sell the ice cream there too.