The Saturday Strangeness

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The Saturday Strangeness
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60. More Than Just A Haunting...

In the borough of Lewisham sits Brockley Road. Not exactly known for its supernatural relations or unnerving apparitions, but let me share with you a campfire story to chill even the warmest of hearts...

It happened during the 1800s and the experience was written up and posted to a magazine known as the Review Of Reviews edited by a Mr W.T. Stead who would unfortunately perish aboard the Titanic. The case concerned a seemingly very haunted house. You know, the usual strange things taking place such as footsteps in the night, shadowy figures, the opening of doors, and the feeling of being watched. However, the most unsettling incident to occur at the unspecified house involved a woman, who, during one blazing summer evening whilst relaxing with her two children, was walking walking along a small corridor looking for something when her attention was drawn to a strange glowing object in the darkest corner.

The object seemed to be a small light but as she approached she was aware that the colouration was an intensifying yellowish-green which, rather disturbingly, had, perched upon its head, a scrawny mass of matted hair. Suddenly, she could pick out a hideous face, and awful green, staring eyes that seemed to sparkle. The woman seemed transfixed by the fiendish head and gazed intently at the spectre and muttered, "In the name of Christ, be gone!"

Thankfully, the terrifying wraith dissipated into the darkness.

In the same street there was much fuss made about another haunted residence, a home prowled by a tall, dark shade wearing a top-hat who often crouched in the doorway. The same house was also known for its ghoul that was often said to be able to open locked doors of a night, tormenting those in slumber with its strange behaviour.

Rumours spread at the time that a murder had been committed at the house – a man killed by burglars. It is said that his spirit loiters forever more in this place. Just how many more peculiar forms roam Brockley Road?

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