Shoot & Eat: Hamgipak

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Shoot & Eat: Hamgipak

Kimchi Jjigae

Since the weather has been flip-flopping on us this summer, Londonist has been wishing for hot soups more often than in previous summers. And what better way to warm oneself than a kimchi jjigae? The fiery red, spicy broth is made with pork and kimchi and comes to your table bubbling away in its own little black pot. Looks are a bit deceiving though; there's a gentle heat to the soup and it's nothing that will blow off your head. Rice and banchan (those free vegetable dishes that usually come free though many central London restaurants charge for them) are also provided and round off this warming meal. Londonist ate this at Hamgipak in New Malden, the Korean enclave that's easily accessible by train from Waterloo. There's lots of reason to visit this weekend too with the annual Korean Food Festival on Saturday, 12 July!

Rice and Banchan


169 High Street

New Malden KT3 4BH

Writing and photography by Su-Lin

Last Updated 10 July 2008