New Hope For Walthamstow Stadium

By Lindsey Last edited 124 months ago
New Hope For Walthamstow Stadium

Just a few months ago we were lamenting the imminent demise of Walthamstow Stadium and its famous and historic dog track as it was bought up by developers and destined, no doubt, for a vom inducing aspirational living campaign. At the eleventh hour, though, a dog loving consortium of stock broking millionaires has allegedly come up with a whopping offer to save the East End institution from the wrecking ball.

The largely anonymous consortium are keen to restore glamour to a night at the dogs and are convinced a tidy profit can be turned at the track with modernisation and the right management involved. With greyhound racing the second biggest spectator sport in the country, backed up by a lucrative gambling market and only 30 tracks left in the UK we can quite see their point. The loss of the Stow, would leave only Wimbledon to represent London in the greyhound stakes and who wants to have to travel all the way down SW17 for a fix of hare racing fun?

We've got all our paws crossed for saving the Stow and avoiding the irony of one of one of our last remaining greyhound racing institutions, scampi in a basket and all, actually going to the dogs.

Image courtesy of Mondoagogo via the Londonist Flickrpool.

Last Updated 30 July 2008