London Transport Museum Flickr Scavenger Hunt

By Hazel Last edited 128 months ago
London Transport Museum Flickr Scavenger Hunt

We're fond of scavenging for treasure and seem to spend many of our Sundays looking for the stuff, so we were very pleased to take part in the London Transport Museum and Flickr Scavenger Hunt. Brave, click-happy Flickr fans, museum lovers and the types who just like a London-based challenge all set out with a list of questions and a map, then proceeded to run around in the light rain for two and a half hours, trying to be the first team to snap up the right answers.

We were led to disused tramlines, Tardis-llike green cabbies' cabins, bandstands, piers, bridges and tube stations... despite our best efforts, Team Dagenham (two fifths Londonist) made it to the finish line with digital cameras at full capacity an unfortunate four or five mnutes behind Team Elephant & Castle who trampled to first place with giddy enthusiasm. Though we missed out on first prize on the day, we're happy to announce that there are further prizes to be won over on the London Transport Museum Scavenger Hunt pages over on Webjam.

Click through and see what each team made of the day (especially the wonderful Team Dagenham), then vote for the best photo of the day. Click, click, click away! We hope you enjoy the photos as much we enjoyed the taking of them.

Last Updated 15 July 2008