Eastenders Tagger Facing Sentencing

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Eastenders Tagger Facing Sentencing

Taggers are, by definition and, at the very least, cheeky young scamps but Andrew Gillman who's facing sentencing for criminal damage today, has truly got balls.

Not only is he leader of the prolific and international grafitti gang, DPM Crew, and responsible for thousands of pounds worth of railway streetart/vandalism he's also responsible for legitimately decorating the Eastender's set with his signature tags. Auntie Beeb, in search of East End authenticity, hired Gillman for the casual job of defacing its scenery. Gillman gave a false name to get the gig as he was on bail at the time but then proceeded to plaster "DPM" and his own tag "NEAS" all over Elstree's E20. A bit of a giveaway, if you've the presence of mind to check these things out, BBC researchers.

The main joy of this story though, is to be reminded that Albert Square has an Indian Restaurant called the Argee Bhajee.

Image courtesy of mistersnappy's Flickrstream courtesy of the Creative Commons Attribution license.

Last Updated 11 July 2008