Comedy Review: The Real Daniel O’Donnell Show

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Comedy Review: The Real Daniel O’Donnell Show

It’s always good to get a sneak preview of what the folk lucky enough to heading to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival will be seeing and on Wednesday night we caught a glimpse of the madness on offer from the Real Daniel O’Donnell Show, with a frenetic hour of fun called ‘The Clock Hour’.

They were meek enough to admit the show still perhaps needed some polish, but if there were any raw edges, it simply made the show more of a laugh, and we certainly weren’t disappointed. A small but supportive audience ensured the five-strong troupe were well supported, and while the majority of the comedy was good, if not great, with moments of genius, the odd sketch that didn’t quite hit the mark was forgivable.

If you’re lucky enough to catch the RDOD in Edinburgh, look out for the increasingly surreal ‘coma’ sketch; the ghost who has to watch security screens; the hilarious Mae West parody (June East… groan), and a skit that particularly tickled us, which provided news of what had happened to the dancing lady at the beginning of the ‘Tales of the Unexpected’ TV programme – very funny, if, of course, you’re familiar with the show.

The sketches were nicely broken up with some funny video footage, but it might have been just as funny and less effort for the team if it was made shorter.

A quirky night, very professionally done, and worth watching out for.

By Will Rankin

Catch the show this Saturday, 19th July at the Hen & Chickens on St Paul’s Road, Highbury Corner at 4pm, or you can see it nearly every night in August at the Edinburgh Fringe, Pleasance Courtyard-Below at 11pm. And if you can’t make it to Edinburgh....

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Last Updated 15 July 2008