Arts Ahead 8-15 July

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Arts Ahead 8-15 July

Ignore the crazy weather, and book on something more definite: London's world-class cultural scene is here to entertain you, come rain or shine.

Regent's Park Open Air Theatre is offering a reimagined Midsummer Night's Dream for everyone aged six and over from today. If you've got kids, nieces, nephews, or are just trying to entertain small people over the summer, this is sure to be a hit.

Camden tube station comes to Shakespeare's Globe this week. The Frontline, a new play by Ché Walker based around everyone's favourite crazy-filled, murky, underage tourist hangout opens on Wednesday.

We've told you about London's cool summer Portavilions project before. The Smallest Cinema in the World is still popping up around Regent's Park and Dan Graham's gorgeous triangular thing is still in Holland Park, if you haven't already checked them out. Another temporary pavilion structure has joined them, and this week is being used as a performance "space." (Cue much beard-stroking and whispered chat about "perspective".)

C-12 Dance Theatre perform a newly choreographed dance in and around Toby Paterson's pavilion in Potters Fields Park on Friday, as part of Big Dance, the Southbank Friday Late and the London Festival of Architecture. If you're wondering what on earth Toby's "Powder Blue Orthogonal Pavilion" is all about, you can ask the man himself on Saturday. He's giving a talk at the Design Museum, and you can pop along to the pavilion with the man himself afterwards.

Ever woken up on a Saturday with a burning desire to break a world record? Well, this weekend's your big chance. Head down to Trafalgar Square, and you could take part in this year's er, big Big Dance event. Choreographer Aletta Collins is hoping to break the world record for the most people dancing one piece of choreographed dance at the same time. Don't forget to sign up first.

Celebs in Theatreland

Good news for those of us who like to swoon over our theatrical fodder this week. First, Joseph Fiennes's (Fiennes by name etc...) run in 2,000 Feet Away at the Bush has been extended until 19 July; second, sexy Josh Hartnett is playing Charlie Babbitt in Rain Man at the Apollo from 9 September (previews from 28 Aug). Yum.

Last Chance

Lord of the Rings, the musical, is limping to a close next week (17 July), so it's your last chance to see this (at times) brilliant, odd, confused, ambitious muddle of a show at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane. It's also the last chance Londonist gets to make the "Mordor on the Dancefloor" gag with regards to dancing Hobbits, and we're not passing up an opportunity like that easily. Oh no, my precious.

Image shows The Open Air Theatre Regents Park; photograph by Alistair Muir.

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