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Londonist 27 July 2008

APB – All Poems Bulletin: we often spends hours at Londonist Towers carefully preparing a story for your further reading pleasure, only to have it mangled at the last minute by the vagaries of our software (or more often through rank carelessness, if we are really honest). The experience hurts.

And so our literary heart goes out to the South London poet, Sohan Rahi, who got lost in the normally uneventful Surbiton neighbourhood. As he wound down his window to ask for directions from three youths, one of them reached into his car and snatched a blue fabric shoulder bag containing an autobiographical manuscript on which he had been working for years. Keep your eyes peeled, guys – this oeuvre is of no use to anyone except Mr. Rahi, and you would make an old man very happy if you find it.

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