Our Adidas

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Last Updated 13 June 2008

Our Adidas
Adidas City Series London

From the moment we first heard the song, we were hooked, and we've been addicted to Adidas ever since. The song, of course, was Run-D.M.C.'s classic paean to their favourite footwear, "My Adidas", from their 1986 album Raising Hell. By 1989 the Beastie Boys had released Paul's Boutique and "The Sounds of Science" reaffirmed that we'd made the right decision when it proclaimed, "Rock my Adidas, never rock Fila!" Following this declaration, a Pato Banton sample famously completes the rhyme singing, "I do not sniff the coke, I only smoke the sensimilla." Whilst this, too, seems like sage advice, we must say that whatever you smoke and/or sniff in the morning, it's most essential that you slip into comfy shoes before going into the office.

So like us, you love your trainers and you love your city, but which do you love more? Now you no longer have to choose. Adidas has begun reissuing their vintage City Series and, hot on the heels (oh dear), of offering consumers Dublin and Stockholm sneakers, they've now turned their focus to London. Adidas aficionados probably remember the modern line of city-themed trainers that the company sold a few years back. Whilst those were quite cool, these are a lovely slice of retro simplicity.

End Clothing has them available for pre-order at £60, which is fairly normal for a pair of Adidas these days. Go on and show your feet, and your city, some love and rock these the next time you rock well!