New Barnet With Your Babycham, Madam?

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 127 months ago
New Barnet With Your Babycham, Madam?
Hair and scissors

A Tufnell Park boozer has come up with a neat way of drawing in the punters during this time of heightened wallet worrying: they're offering customers a haircut along with their Heineken.

The Dartmouth Arms has hired stylist Arlene Stainthorpe to visit every Thursday night, where for a mere £9 she'll whip out the scissors for anybody who fancies a rug rethink while they're Brahms and Liszt. With pub earnings beset by cheap supermarket booze and the smoking ban, management hopes that Arlene's appearance will draw in more customers.

Says the pub crimper herself: ""People can get a bit more daring after they've had a drink". Having downed that ill-advised fifth glass of Merlot it might be the perfect time to try out the assymetrical mullet-combover-cowlick combo, with a profanity shaved into the graded undercut, that you've always dreamed of.

We applaud the idea of bringing other lines of work into the hallowed environs of the local pub, and wonder what else would benefit. Open heart surgery at the bar, perhaps? It would save the NHS a fortune on anaesthetics if the patient was plastered with a bottle of tequila before the first incision. Police interrogations could also benefit - criminologists would surely eke confessions out of suspects much easier if the perp was three sheets to the wind.

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Last Updated 13 June 2008