Mary Jane Juror Junked

Dean Nicholas
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Mary Jane Juror Junked
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Jury service can be a drag, we imagine (Londonist's youthfulness precluding it from being summoned to rule over our fellow citizens). How to make the time go quickly? You could do like Homer Simpson did and wear a pair of oversized comedy glasses to surreptitiously snooze behind. Or you could smuggle in some class Cs and attempt to drive down Doobie Lane while deciding the verdict.

A juror from Surbiton tried just that last week. The 32-year old rocked up at Kingston Crown Court to perform his duty to the nation's judicial process, only to scarper outside when he saw the security arch. After fiddling with his bike for a bit, he then re-entered before fleeing a second time, stopping to deposit something in the bushes as he went. Security investigated and discovered a small amount of cannabis on his bike and a discarded crackpipe nearby.

Unsurprisingly, the juror was quickly caught - they had him on CCTV, and the small matter of the court having his full personal details can't have hurt, either. He was given a caution for drugs possession and dismissed from the jury.

He might've got away with it too, were it not for the pesky matter of a high-profile court case going on at Kingston right now, namely, the trial of three men accused of aiding the July 7th bombers. Security is extra tight, so behaving like a paranoid Pete Doherty here was only ever going to attract attention.

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Last Updated 19 June 2008