Making It Work: Central St. Martin's Degree Show

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Making It Work: Central St. Martin's Degree Show
massoud.jpgVeronica Massoud's door

All week long, prestigious Central St. Martins art school is opening its doors to the public for their annual Degree Show so that we can take a peek at what some of our fair city's top art students have been working on all year, from Product Design to Fashion to Design for Textile Futures. On Saturday afternoon, we ducked in for a lovely afternoon spent role-playing Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum. Because in fashion, you're either in, or, you're out. Luckily, there were very few duds in the bunch — happy surprises outnumbered auf wiedersehens 10-1. Some highlights after the jump:

3rd Year Product Design student Yasmin Sethi received our ad hoc Project Runway accolades for the most impressive, inventive, and usable concept: a Book Vending Library (pictured). The idea is to bring back the borrowed book's function in society: beyond uni, do you know many people who frequent libraries? With her design concept, harried travelers can borrow a book from King's Cross and trade it in for another once they arrive at the other end of the journey. The design of the machine pointedly references that of an an open book, and is cleverly usable from all four sides.


Other highlights include Veronica Massoud's OCD-inspired white door (pictured above), Yorgos Tsirkas's beautifully delicate LED chandelier whose light systems respond to climactic changes, Olivia Lee's whimsical, floating tutu-inspired chair designed for Liberty's of London, and Suzanne Goodwin's innovative line Chasing Rainbows in the Textile Futures department that was focused as a fabric response to changing weather patterns (pictured).


Most of the departments are showing through Thursday. Check here for times. Central St. Martin's is a short walk from Holborn tube.

Photos courtesy of the author and artists Massoud and Sethi.

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