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Londonist Stays In

It’s officially summer, and you know what that means – it’s time for Wimbledon and Glastonbury. There’s loads of coverage of both, and a few other things to watch if you’re not in the mood for tennis or festivals.

On TV, Londonist likes:

Monday, 23 June

Wimbledon 2008 (BBC2, 17:50 - 20:00) It begins again! Sue Barker and John Inverdale offer commentary from the studio, and they’ll be joined by guests including John McEnroe and Tim Henman as they give us all the highlights of this year’s Wimbledon. It’s going to be pretty hard to avoid the Wimbledon coverage – you may as well give in now and start watching so you can offer something in the inevitable watercooler conversations.

Monday, 23 June – Saturday 28 June

Wimbledon Today (BBC2, begins at 20:00 Mon-Fri and 22:30 on Saturday) If you can’t be fussed to watch the whole thing, this is just the ticket. Highlights on the days action and previews of the next day’s matches will keep you in the loop without taking over your life.

Thursday, 26 June

The Weakest Link: EastEnders Special (BBC1, 20:00-21:00) Albert Square’s finest face off against each other as nine stars of our fave London soap join Anne Robinson to see who is in fact, the weakest link. Perhaps all our preconceived notions about soap actors will be shattered and there will be a few secret geniuses. Perhaps. But perhaps not.

Project Runway (Sky One, 21:00-22:00) There’s no word on whether the London based UK version of this hit US show will be back on the telly any time soon, so this may be your last chance to check out the fabulous fashion fighting in this season finale of the fourth US series. This is one of our favourites, and we advise you to catch it while you can.

Friday, 27 June

By Royal Appointment (ITV1, 20:00-20:30) Hannah Scott-Joint explores royal patronage and association across London and surrounding areas. We hope there will be some surprising ones – we’d really, really like to know which discount clothing chain or cheese shop got the Queen’s stamp of approval.

Nelson Mandela: Happy 90th Birthday (ITV1, 21:00-23:00) Billed as Nelson Mandela’s last public engagement, this birthday celebration from Hyde Park is a pretty good lineup. We’ll be there to give you our thoughts on it, but if you didn’t manage to get tickets and want to check it out for yourself, it’s probably worth a peek. There’s a pretty fantastic lineup of actors, politicians and musicians lined up to pay tribute to Nelson, so let’s hope they manage to make it a good night out.

Friday, 27 June – Sunday, 29 June

Glastonbury The BBC has loads of coverage, so the best plan is probably to check out their website (specifically the TV & radio section) for details.

Sunday, 29 June

Top 50 Showbiz Comebacks (Sky One, 21:00-23:00) It’s been a long week of tennis and music, and you deserve a chance to veg out and watch yet another list show. We quite like the sounds of this one, actually. We find comebacks can be quite emotional, and we’re think this looks like perfect Sunday evening fare.

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