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Londonist Stays In

There’s loads of London-y programmes on the telly this week, so you’re a bit spoiled for choice. Luckily, we’re here to help you out.

On TV, Londonist likes:

Monday, 16 June

Dickens’ Secret Lover (Channel 4, 21:00-22:00) Dickens’ London is pretty firmly entrenched in the minds of anyone who’s read one of his books, and this is a look at the man behind the stories. Well, the man and his secret lover. This programme looks at the 13 year relationship Dickens’ had with a woman 25 years his junior, and it seems he did a pretty good job of keeping his tracks covered. We’re not always a fan of “dramatic re-enactments”, but they’re awfully handy when telling a story like this one.

Tuesday, 17 June

10 Years Younger (Channel 4, 20:00-21:00) Nicky Hambleton-Jones (who has one our favourite double-barrelled names on TV) works her magic, as Paula Reed reports on prints from London Fashion Week. You’ll also learn how to recreate Cheryl Cole’s look on a budget, but we think it’s wise to remember that not everyone needs to look like a member of Girls Aloud.

Wednesday, 18 June

Location, Location, Location (Channel 4, 20:00-21:00) Kirsty and Phil tackle west London this week. The property market is depressing at the best of times, but these two have advice on how to weather the current market situation. If that’s depressed you, never fear! There’s a rumour that Kirsty has to wear a builder’s hard hat, which should be good for a laugh or two.

Jews (BBC4, 21:00-22:00) The first episode in this three part series sees filmmaker Vanessa Engle exploring the Orthodox Jewish neighbourhood of Stamford Hill in north London. We always like a look into a world we’re unfamiliar with, and this definitely fits the bill with its look at the area's insularity and conservatism.

Thursday, 19 June

Suggs In The City (ITV1, 23:10-23:40) See what they did with the title there? Clever! Suggs is joined at members bar The Colony Room in Soho by an “all star cast”. We’re not sure who exactly that will be, but Suggs is at least comfortable talking to people on camera, unlike some other people we could mention (*cough*Peter&Jordan*cough*), which should at least mean there’s a bit of intelligent conversation.

Sunday, 22 June

British B Movies: Truly, Madly, Cheaply (BBC4, 22:05-23:35) Ahh, B-movies. We love ‘em. Matthew Sweet presents this documentary looking at the last 50 years of the Brit B Movie. Sweet believes the cheapness of these films means they portrayed the “real” Britain. We think he may have a point, and think this looks like a doc to watch.

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