Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • Non-news headline of the day: Jill Dando was shot by an ‘irrational loner’.
  • Apparently a lot of London businesses still don’t use the internet. Life without Londonist? Doesn’t bear contemplation eh!?
  • Twenty20 cricket might make it to the 2012 Olympics. This Londonista doesn’t actually know what that is, but she’s sure it’s lots of fun.
  • Accessory junkies beware: the £1m handbag is coming to town. Londonist can’t quite get our head around this.
  • A senior legal beagle has called for shorter terror trials. For some reason he thinks 14 months is too long….
  • There’s a big fire in Hounslow this evening.
  • More suggestions for problem teenagers: this time it’s dance classes.

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    Last Updated 10 June 2008