Brent Ponders Name Change

Dean Nicholas
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Brent Ponders Name Change
Wembley Stadium

Existential crises seems to be a common theme for various London spots at the moment. With Tower Hamlets calling for Shoreditch station to be renamed Banglatown, Brent Council has decided to get in on the act: they're considering rebranding themselves as Wembley Council.

With the council set to relocate to new offices next to the much praised stadium by 2012, Brent are contemplating a name change that reflects what they consider the area's most significant attraction (though we'd quibble that Oriental City should also get a look in).

Locals, however, aren't so enthused by the plan, arguing that it would cost millions of pounds to change all the local signage and buildings. Furthermore, it would be a blatant thumb-bite at those many borough-dwellers who live out of sight of Norman Foster's gleaming arch.

Londonist has no horse in this race, though we're broadly in favour of keeping the name Brent, particularly if the ancient, long-lost river that gives the borough its name is uncovered from its concrete entombment, a plan that has been recently mooted.

Wembley Stadium picture from .kol tregaskes' Flickrstream

Last Updated 30 June 2008