Stupidly Cute Monkey Born at London Zoo

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Stupidly Cute Monkey Born at London Zoo

For those of you (like us) who just can't get enough of cute, cuddly little things, even if they look a bit like aliens, we introduce you to Conchita, a three-week-old white-naped mangabey monkey. This teeny-tiny, big-eyed, big-eared, pink-tongued furball is only the second mangabey ever born in the UK. Unfortunately, the species is seriously endangered in the wild.

Delivered by emergency caesarean (yup, apparently they do that for monkeys), Conchita is being raised by zookeeper Andrea Payne, who has been caring for the little critter round the clock with the help of a teddy bear.

Zookepers are hoping to reintroduce the monkey to her family and the other mangabeys in London Zoo's Gorilla Kingdom within a month, but for now, we get to watch her suck her thumb, snuggle with her teddy bear and stare into our souls with those deep, dark eyes because — like any good cute baby animal — she's already a YouTube star.

Check out her first movie courtesy of the Zoological Society of London...

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Last Updated 01 May 2008