Spend Your Bank Holiday With Banksy

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Spend Your Bank Holiday With Banksy

What’s more exciting than a derelict train tunnel? A derelict train tunnel full of guerrilla artwork, naturally. Street art lovers call get a good healthy dose of Banksy and others of his ilk if they go to Leake Street in Waterloo this weekend for Cans Festival. A half-mile tunnel, formerly used by the now St Pancras based Eurostar has been given over to 30 artists to showcase their works. Big attractions for the installation will include: stencils of a hoody with a knife, Madonna kissing Britney Spears, and Boris Johnson; two cars piled on top of each other; rainbow-painted playground equipment.

Tristan Manco, author of Stencil Graffiti, invited the artists to participate. Cans Festival is being sponsored by Picturesonwalls, that East End shop that sells prints by Banksy and other street artists. While Banksy has said that he hopes the spectacle will be a long-term installation, it’s only guaranteed to be around from 10am Saturday until 10pm Monday. And, as usual, visitors are encouraged to contribute their own efforts to the project.

Image by the author via the Londonist Flickrpool.

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The festival was fantastic and if you turned up early you would have seen the likes of Banksy and co putting their prints up on the walls.

I have heard that the area is now a permanant feature with new artists every month or so?

We need more areas like this. Anyone got some land we can have in London? lol

Banksy Prints

canvas prints

Im sure the festival was fantastic, it would be great to have more places like this for people to display there