Shocking: Amy Winehouse Arrested, Let Out on Bail

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Shocking: Amy Winehouse Arrested, Let Out on Bail

London collectively yawned as Amy Winehouse was arrested then released on bail last night in her duel with Pete Doherty to become London's most-wanted, drug-addled musician.

To her credit, she did go to an east London police station voluntarily. She was called in based on her "alleged possession of a controlled drug" and an investigation involving some fun video footage that supposedly shows ol' Ames smoking crack.

We think Best Week Ever said it best in this Wino word jumble:

Earlier today, Amy Winehouse was drugs arrested charged incident charges for expected predictable. Sources claim Winehouse was things and stuff pictures of drugs videos of drugs obvious drugs many many stories drugs drug people using addiction many, yadda yadda yadda et cetera.

Meanwhile, Pete Doherty, who was released from prison Tuesday, gets to suffer a humiliation of his own: Fashion website had a campaign to raise cash to help him get back on his feet, but either due to poor planning or the fact that nobody really feels bad for the guy, they raised a whopping £17.10. They've decided not to go along with their original plan of presenting him with a giant check.

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Last Updated 08 May 2008