Oxfam Open Designer Boutique

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Oxfam Open Designer Boutique

If you're an Armani junky with a Primark budget, help will soon be at hand: Oxfam has opened the first of a new chain of 'boutique' stores which will sell designer threads to West Londoners with a conscience (or without a trust fund).

The new store in Westbourne Grove will still sell donated clothes – but beige cardies and discarded Christmas jumpers will be banned in favour of Miu Miu skirts (a snip at £50), Stella McCartney jackets (a mere £90) and other top-end catwalk clobber. Prices are higher than your average charity shop fare, but where else can you buy an original designer piece for under a ton?

As well as designer gear, the boutique stores (two more of which will open in London this summer) will sell customised pieces by fashion-school designers, fair-trade fashion labels and general ethically-sourced clobber. But it's bound to be the promise of a bargain Armani or Gucci original that pulls in the punters.

Whether the boutique comes complete with stern-faced size 6 assistant we can't confirm: but a visit to Oxfam Boutique is bound to be more rewarding than pressing your nose against a Bond St window. Expect to see a better-dressed London soon.

By Matt Crossick

Image by loungerie on Flickr courtesy of the Creative Commons licence.

Last Updated 15 May 2008


They tried something similar a few years back with a store called 'oxfam Originals'... they got in fashions students to trawl all the Oxfam shops in London, then threw all the 'special stuff' in one shop and hoiked the price up by 20%... I personally LIKE the rummaging aspect of charity shops (I find the best ones are on Goodge Street)... this shop seems to take all the fun out of it.