Just Desserts: Frog on the Green Delicatessen

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Just Desserts: Frog on the Green Delicatessen

2008-03-22 Baklava

Frog on the Green

119 Consort Road SE15 3RU

Nearest Train: Peckham Rye Station

0207 732 2525

Expect to Pay: £2.45 for a tart, £1.20 for 4 pieces of Baklava

The Frog on the Green Delicatessen is the only shop on Consort Road, tucked a few minutes walk behind Rye Lane. As well as a nice selection of savoury stuff, it also sells a decent range of homemade desserts and treats and for surprisingly good prices—the advantage of being on a residential street in Nunhead and not ten minutes away on nice-but-overpriced Lordship Lane. The Frog on the Green emphasises seasonal, local and ethical ingredients whenever possible, which means you should grab that strawberry tart or pistachio halva when you see it, because it might not be there next time. The tarts and cakes are lush to the extent that you can't quite finish off a whole one on your own, but also can't bear to share it with anyone else.

As well as the usual good-but-expected stuff, like cheesecake and sacher torte, they have some pretty special things on offer, like a chocolate and walnut tart that was rich enough that two people could split it in theory though in practice, one person just eats it very slowly. They also do a homemade baklava that is distinctly different and prone to disappearing if you leave it unprotected.

Words and photo by Jenny Meyer

Last Updated 26 May 2008