Breaking News: nasty motorbike smash in Peckham

By SallyB2 Last edited 130 months ago
Breaking News: nasty motorbike smash in Peckham

Londonist was abruptly reminded how dangerous anything with an engine can be this evening when a motorbike lost control on Peckham High Street. The pillion passenger was thrown quite a distance.

The news at the moment is that both are very seriously injured, sustaining multiple fractures. No other vehicles were involved.

The road (which is the main A 202 out of London) will be shut for the rest of the evening.

Even tho' we're meant to be journalists, we couldn't bring ourselves to go rubber-neck with the rest of them, so we're sorry we can't be more specific. And that also explains why the photo is a bit shaky.

We bring you this story to remind you to be very careful this Bank Holiday Weekend. Nowhere and no-one is that important: go slow, go easy, and arrive safely.

Last Updated 24 May 2008