Alas, Wherever Will I Store my Wine?

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Alas, Wherever Will I Store my Wine?
Big Yellow Wine Tasting with Oz Clarke

The Big Yellow Self Storage Company has just opened the UK’s first wine self storage facility in Fulham, near the Chelsea Harbour Club. In addition to its four floors of self storage, the facility has 1,200 temperature and humidity controlled wine cellars. Prices start at £7.50 per week for an 18 case cellar. 36 and 54 case cellars are also available as well as “full height rooms” with capacity for 500 cases or more.

If (and it’s a huge ‘if’) Londonist had a collection of wine that needed storing, we’d consider BYSSC’s “highly sophisticated cellar conditions” in earnest. With Big Yellow’s set up, folks can access their own private cellars 24-7. With round the clock CCTV monitoring by staff, well lit corridors, fire detection systems, alarms in each room and unique PIN entry access, Big Yellow appears to take their clients’ safety seriously. On a recent visit to the Fulham location, Londonist was taken by just how squeaky clean the facilities were too.

Of course, trying to decide how best to store one’s valuable collection of vino falls under the category of Good Problems to Have. However, running out of room for all your stuff or not having anywhere to stow your worldly possessions when between homes are predicaments that usually aren’t so pleasant. And as Londoners, we know all too well how tiny flats can be and how storage space so often comes at a premium in this town. A cool thing about Big Yellow is that they offer a range of storage options for as short a stay as a week to however long you may require the extra space. They’ve got 30 self-storage locations inside the M25, and several more throughout the rest of the UK. If the wine cellars in Fulham work out, Big Yellow plans to provide similar facilities throughout London and beyond.

Last Updated 14 May 2008