Win: Tickets To Lord Of The Rings All-Nighter

By Hazel Last edited 171 months ago
Win: Tickets To Lord Of The Rings All-Nighter

Day 15: Still no closer to Mordor. Ring weighs a tonne. Really wish I had stayed at home - just cannot be bothered with this sodding quest.

Day 24: Legolas sings Elvish songs to keep up our spirits. Makes me sick, the way he prances about on top of the snow. I'm the shortest person on this sodding quest, I don't think it's funny when I'm slogging away behind him, chest high in piles of fricking ice.

Luckily, the film version of Frodo's journey to get rid of the troublesome ring is much, much more exciting than what the little guy was probably scribbling in his diary. Who can forget the breathless anticipation for all three parts of Peter Jackson's magnificent Fellowship of the Ring trilogy? We're giving one lucky reader and a guest the chance to relive all the Hobbits, wizards, dwarves, Elves, Orcs and Ents in one sweeping all-night extravaganza at the BFI IMAX cinema. The Lord of the Rings After Dark All-Nighter kicks off at 11.30pm on Saturday 3 May, with free tea and coffee as well prize giveaways for those who lat the distance. And remember kids, it is a very long way to Mordor...

Just enter your name, email address and phone bumber below to try your luck at getting yourself and a friend into this epic night in Middle Earth. The winner will be notified at end of day on Thursday 1 May.

Last Updated 28 April 2008