Weekend Round-Up

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Weekend Round-Up

Here’s what we’ve learned whilst you’ve been trying to dodge the Respect Bus this weekend (gotta give Galloway credit – he’s tireless on the old campaign trail):

  • Bureaucracy threatens next year’s Chelsea Flower Show. Actually, bureaucracy is threatening civilisation as we know it, but Londonist frowns upon melodrama so forget we said that.
  • Three public health workers have been bitten by a rabid puppy. In the weekend crime round-up, we can tell you that there was a minor outbreak of stabbing at a Battersea school on Friday, a fatal shooting at a Harlesden barbers’ shop, and a nasty brawl in a Holloweay nightclub.
  • And then there were the celebs behaving badly: Winehouse has been cautioned for common assault, whilst Rio Ferdinand is in hot water for kicking a female Chelsea steward. Temper management all round we say.
  • Councils are using CCTV to stop dog fouling. Are we really paying them for this shit?
  • And by this time next week? Actually, Londonist is going to take a rain check on mayoral predictions. Suffice it to say that by this time next week we’ll all be politicked out.

    Have a stress-less week.

    This-time-next-week… photo from MSH*’s flickr stream.

    Last Updated 27 April 2008