Trapped In The Tube Rat Race

By Lindsey Last edited 129 months ago
Trapped In The Tube Rat Race

To celebrate World Rat Day we bring you a top tip from Mike Atherton over at Trusted Places: the Rat Race window display at Wieden + Kennedy.

That is, a tube map made from real tubes, running around which are real rats. Cute ones too.

These are no disease ridden, scraggy traditional London sewer rats, however, but 21st century, media savvy, Shoreditch types living in run-around rodent luxury. They're even on Facebook citing amongst their likes 'cheese' and 'reading the metro' whereas they don't like 'rentokill' or 'science labs'.

The Rat Race will be running until 16 May so get down to 16 Hanbury Street, E1 and meet Bill, Donald, Alan, Peter, Duncan, Theo, Stelios and Richard in their upmarket ratpad. If you're especially taken with any of them, you can bid to rehome one of these meeeja rats by posting on their Ratbook page.

Thanks, Mike!

Last Updated 04 April 2008